• Shannon Stoddard

Keeping Up With Miss Shannon

As our 2019 - 2020 year gets started, I am so happy to announce that I am officially the Director of Theatre with the Community School of the Arts. That means that I am now in charge of all things theatre - from Preschool through High School! I thought it would be fun to keep everyone up to date with my year and how all of my classes are going! (I know I said I would do that last year and failed miserably -- but I promise to do better!)

About 3 weeks ago I started teaching the Preschool Music & Drama classes at Harvest Time Academy. I have about 141 students between the 8 classes divided between infants through Junior Kindergarten. It's been a fun experience so far getting to work with these young students. This month we're focusing on Friendship and How To Work With Others. I'm excited to continue this curriculum throughout September. We are also going to begin learning "In Summer" from Frozen to do as part of our Christmas Concert in December.

Last week began auditions for Frozen JR with our Children's Theatre Company. I have 35 extremely talented students in grades 3-6 and another 7 talented students in our Ice Chorus (directed by Ryan) who will be working tirelessly for the next few months. I honestly couldn't ask for a more talented group of elementary students to perform this musical -- their auditions blew me away! We had our first read through yesterday -- and now I can't wait to begin blocking and choreographing! I'm telling your RIGHT NOW that this show is going to be INCREDIBLE!

I also began teaching the After-School Drama Enrichment class on Fridays at Christ the King School. While there I have 2 groups of Preschool students who will be working on the same "Friendship" curriculum that I do with my other Preschoolers ... and then I have a group of K-6 grade students. I am still trying to figure out a balance to keep all of the students in this age range engaged -- but so far Freeze Dance has been the biggest hit. We'll see where this group takes me...

Tomorrow I begin teaching my Drama classes with the FAITH Homeschool Co-Op. I will be teaching my 3-6 grade students all about Improvisation -- which should be really fun since last year they created their own scripts by devising them from other stories. I'm excited to see how this group does with Improv! Then, with my 7-12 graders we are calling the Class Acting 101 -- I am going to start them with some basic Improvisation skills and then move on to delving into Scene Work. I think the end goal with this group will be scripted scenes; but I'm going to check in with them to see which direction they'd like the class to go in. I also have a small group of PreK-2 grade students who will basically follow my other classes Preschool Curriculum.

Next week we begin classes at our NEW Arts Based Preschool! I will be starting everyone's day with Preschool Drama! Students will also be exposed to music in percussion and Suzuki strings, visual arts and dance. It's going to be a really cool experience. I still need to finish decorating my classroom -- so stay tuned for photos of that! Our scenic painter is over there now creating a "MAKE MAGIC" mural on my wall and I can't wait to see it!

So, that's a look at Miss Shannon's first month of teaching for the 2019-2020 school year. Stay tuned for some exciting tales throughout the semester!